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UK Car Owners Clubs

UK Car Owners Clubs

UK Car Owners Clubs
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101 Forward Control Club and Register

A112 Abarth Club International
AC Owners' Club
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo Owners Club
(AlfaRomeo) Giulietta Register
Allard Owners' Club
Alvis Owners' Club
The Alvis Register
Ariel Atom
Ariel Atom Sports Car
Aston Martin
Aston Martin Owners' Club
Avenger (see Hillman, Sunbeam also)
Avenger and Sunbeam Owners' Club
Audi Owners' Club
Audi 100 Coupe S Club of GB
Audi Quattro Owners' Club
Audi TT Owners' Club
Audi TT Coupe Sport
Club Audi
Audi A2 Owners' Club
Austin (see also BMC)
Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club
A40 Farina Club
North East Club for Pre War Austins
Austin Se7en Clubs Association
Pre-War Austin 7 Club
Austin 7 Club (Australia)
Austin Ten Drivers' Club
1100 Club
Austin Landcrab
Austin Marina
Austin Metropolitan
Allegro Club International
British Austin Society
Midland Austin Seven Society
Austin Healey Club UKNew

Austin Healey Club - Thames Valley Section
Austin Healey (New Forest)
Austin Healey Club UK (Eastern Centre)
Healey Drivers Club
Midland Austin Seven Club
Pre War Austin Seven Club Ltd.
Maestro Owners' Club

Bedford Owners Club International
Bentley Drivers' Club
Bitter Owners' Club
BMC (British Motor Corporation)
Scottish BMC Car Club
BMW Car Club (GB)
BMW Racing Drivers' Club
Bond Owners' Club
Borgward Drivers' Club
Bristol Owners' Club
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)
BSA Front Wheel Drive Club
Bugatti Owners' Club
British Buggy Club
British Buggy Racing Club

Chrysler Corporation Club UK

Mopar Muscle Association

Citroën Car Club
SeMantics: SM Section of Citroën Car Club
Citroën Traction Owners' Club (Official)
Citroën Special Club
Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain
Citroën C2 Owner's ClubNew

Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club Ltd.
Datsun (see also Nissan)
Datsun Owners' Club
Datsun Z Club
Cheshire Plainz(Datsun) Z Car Owners' Club
The Z Club of Great Britain
New Davrian Register
Darrian Information
Dellow Register
DeLorean Owners' Association
DeLorean Owners' Club
De Tomaso
De Tomaso Drivers' Club

Elden Register
Elva Hub
Elva Courier
Elva Owners' Club
Elva Owners' Club (Official:site off-line?)

Facel Vega

Fairthorpe Sports Car Club
Ferrari Owners' Club
Fiat Motor Club (GB)
Fiat Barchetta UK Owners' Club
Fiat Coupe Owners' Club
Fiat 500 Club
Fiat Panda links (German Site)
Fiat Punto Mk.2
Fiat Twin Cam Register
Sporting Fiats Club
FiatX1/9 and Bertone X1/9 Owners' Club
Five Hundred (500cc)
Five Hundred Owners' Association
Foers Ibex
Official Foers Ibex Owners' Club
Ford Anglia 105E Owners' Club
Ford AVO Owners' Club
Ford Capri Club International
Mid-Warwickshire Capri Club International
Ford Capri Collection
Ford Capri Enthusiasts' Register
Burton-on-Trent & District Capri Club
Dorset Capri Club
Kent Capri Club
Newbury & Thatcham Capri Club (off-line?)
Vale of Evesham Capri Club
Ford Classic and Capri Owners' Club (site 1)
Ford Classic and Capri Owners' Club (site 2)
Ford Cortina 1600E Owners' Club
Cortina Mk.1 & Ford Owners' Club
Mark One Cortina Owners' Club

Ford Cortina Mk.2 Owners' Club

Mark Three Cortina Owners' Club

Model T Ford Register
Ford Cougar Owners' Club
Ford Escort Mk.1 Owners' Club
Ford Escort Cabriolet Club
Ford Escort XR3i Site
Ford Escort Mk.V & VI Owners' Club
Escort Power
Escort Evolution
Sporting Escort Owners' Club
Ford Fiesta Club of Great Britain
Ford Focus Appreciation Club
Ford Focus Owners' Club
Ford Mk.2 Independant Owners' Club
Ford Granada Enthusiasts' Club
Ford Granada Mk.2 Owners' Club
Ford Granada Mk.1 & 2 Drivers Guild
Ford GT40 Enthusiasts' Club
Ford GT40 Replica Club
GTD-40 Car Club
GTD40 Car Club
Ford Ka Owners' Club
Ford Probe Owners' Club
UK Probe Owners' ClubNew

Ford RS Owners Club

Durham RSOwners' Club
Ford RS Owners' and Enthusiasts'
Ford RS Stuff
RS2000 MotorSport

Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.1

Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club
Ford Sport
Ford ST Owners' Club (off-line?)
Classic Formula Ford 1600 Register
Ford Transit Owners' Club (off-line?)
Ford XR Owners' Club
Ford Z Cars
Club Zetec (domain expired)
Faster Fords
Frazer Nash
Frazer Nash Section Vintage Sports Car Club

Gilbern Owners' Club
Ginetta Owners' Club
Group B Cars

Group B Car Club
(no site right now)
GTM Owners Club

Haflinger Four Wheel Drive Club
Haflinger Club Magazine
Classic Hearse Register
Information about the Hillman Owners' Club
Imps in Competition
The Hillman Imp

The Imp Club
Honda CRX Owners' Club
UK Honda R Club
Honda Enthusiast Drivers Club
Honda Prelude On-line
Honda S800 Sports Car Club
British Hotchkiss Society
Post-Vintage Humber Car Club


The Jago Owners' Club
Jaguar Car Club
Jaguar Drivers' Club
Area 33 Essex, Jaguar Drivers' Club
Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club
Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club (Glasgow Region)
All Fours Jeep Club
Bucks Jeep Club
Association of Jensen Owners
The Jensen Club
The Jensen FF Owners' Club
Jensen Interceptor Owners' Club
Jensen Owners' Club, Berkshire
Jensen Owners' Club
Jensen 541 Information
Jimini Drivers' Club
Jowett Car Club
Jupiter Owners' Automobile Club
JZR Pilots Association

Kit Car Clubs (non marque specific)
Kent Kit Car Club
Kit Car Links
South Wales Kit Car Club
Kougar Owners' Club

National Niva Owners' Club

Lada Owners' Club of Great Britain

Lagonda Club
Lancia Motor Club
Lancia Stratos Replica Club
Lancia Thema Owners' Club
Lancia Y10
Land Rover
Anglian Rovers Owners' Club
Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Land Rover Club
Breckland Land Rover Club
Chiltern Vale Land Rover Club (site off-line)
Chiltern Vale Rover Owners' Club (site off-line)
Cornwall and Devon Land Rover Owners' Club
Cumbrian Rover Owners' Group
Dorset Land Rovers Owners' Group
East Northants Land Rover Owners' Club
Essex Land Rover Club Ltd.
Home Counties Land Rover Club (site off-line)
Humberside Land Rover Club
Kent Land Rover Club
Lancashire and Cheshire Rover Owners' Club
Lea Valley Land Rover Owners' Club
Leicestershire and Rutland Land Rover Club
Landrover Owners' Group
Land-Rover Register 1948-53
Landrover Series Three Owners' Club
Lane RoversNew
Lightweight Land Rover Club
Lincolnshire Land Rover Club
Liverpool Land Rover Owners' Club
Lutterworth Overlanders (site off-line)
Midland Rover Owners Club
Newcastle and Nantwich Rover Owners' Club
North East Rover Owners' Club
Northern Ireland Land Rover Club
North Wales Land Rover Club
Peak and Dukeries Land Rover Club (1983) Ltd.
Pennine Land Rover Club
Red Rose Land Rover Club Ltd.
Scottish Land Rover Owners' Club
Shetland Land Rover Club
Shire Land Rover Club
Solent & District Land Rover Club
Somerset and Wiltshire Rover Owners' Club Ltd.
Southern Rover Owners' Club
Staffs and Shrops Land Rover Club
Suffolk Land Rover Owners' Club
Three Spires Land Rover Club
Viking Four Wheel Drive Club
Warwickshire and West Midlands (was Leaf Sprung) Land Rover Club
Wye and Welsh Land Rover Club
Yorkshire Land Rover Owners' & Rover Owners' Club (site off-line)
Lea Francis
Lea Francis Owners' Club
Locost7 Online
Lexus Soarer Owners' Club (UK)
Lexus Owners' Club
Club Lotus

Lotus 7 Club of Great Britain

Northants and Beds Area
Lotus 7 Register

Lotus Drivers' Club
Lotus Motor Club

Historic Lotus Register

South East Lotus Owners' Club
South East Lotus Owners' Club MotorSport
South Wales Lotus Owners' Club
Lotus Esprit Turbo

Marcos Owners Club
Chris  Knott Marcos Insurance
Mini Marcos Owners' Club

Marlin Owners' Club
Maserati Club
Maserati Club International
Matra Enthusiasts' Club
UK MX-5 Owners' Club
MX-5 Owners' Club
UK MX-5 Owners' Club, NW Region
Mazda Rotary Club
Mercedes-Benz Club Ltd.
Mercedes-Benz Club Northern Ireland Ltd.
Merlyn Cars
Messerschmitt Owners' Club
Performance Metro Club
MG Owners Club
MG Car Club Ltd.
MG Car Club (Ulster Centre)
MG Octagon Car Club
St Albans and District MG Owners Club
Black Country MG Club
Bolton MG Owners' Club
Cambridge and District MG Owners' Club
East Sussex MG Owners' Club
Epsom Area MG Owners' Club
South Essex MG Owners' Club
Tees Valley MG Owners' Club
Tewkesbury Musketeers
Vectic MG Club
Midget & Sprite Club
Midget & Sprite Club, Surrey Area
Midas Owners' Club
Mini Cooper Register
British Mini Club
A's of Herts, Beds & Bucks A Series Owners' Club
Anglian Mini Club
AMC, Leamingston Spa Chapter
Brighton Mini Club
Chesterfield Mini Owners' Club
Essex Mini Club
Harrogate & District Brill Old Mini Brigade
Isle of Wight Mini Club
London and Surrey Mini Owners' Club
Manx Mini Owners' Club
Merseyside Mini Mad Car Club
Minis in Northern Ireland
Mini Clan On-line
Mini Mayhem Mini Club
Mini Special Register
National Mini Owners' Club
North Avon Mini Drivers
Oxon Mini Owners' Club
Quinton Mini Owners' Club
Pembrokeshire Mini Club
Rattling Tappets Mini Club
Redditch Mini Owners Club
Saffron Walden & Cambridge Mini Club
Southern Mini Owners' Club
South Preservation Society Mini Owners' Club
Thames Valley Mini Club
West Sussex Mini Owners' Club
York Mafia Mini Owners' Club
Mini Moke Owners' Club
Club VR4
FTO Owners' Club
GTO/3000 GT Owners' Club
Mitsubishi Motor Owners' Club
Lancer Turbo Register
Mitsubishi Starion Owners Club UK
Morgan Sports Car Club
Morgan Sports Car Club (Cornwall Centre)
Morgan Sports Car Club (East Anglia Centre)
Morgan Sports Car Club (Thames Valley Centre)
Morgan Sports Car Club (Yorkshire Centre)
The Austin Marina
Morris Marina Ecosse
Morris Marina Enthusiasts' Club

Morris Marina Owners' Club

Morris Minor Owners' Club
Morris Minor Owners' Club, Northern Ireland
Morris Register
Moskovitch Car Club
Mustang Owners' Club of GB

Naylor Brothers
Naylor Car Club
Nissan 100NX Owners' Club
UK Nissan Skyline GTR Register
Nissan Turbo Owners' Club
Nissan 200SX Owners' Club
UK Nissan 200SX Owners' Club

NSU Owners' Clubs

Opel (see Vauxhall)
Opel / Vauxhall Clubs
Opel Manta Owners' Club, South

Panther Enthusiasts' Club UK
Peerless and Warwick Owners' Club
Club Peugeot UK
Peugeot GTi Autosport Club
Peugeot 206cc Owners' Club
Peugeot 306 Owners' Club ForumNew
Peugeot Rally Club
Peugeot Sport Official Owners' Club
Pilgrim Owners' Club
Police Vehicles
Police Vehicles Owners' Club
(Independant) Porsche Enthusiasts Club
Porsche Club GB Motorsport Division
Porsche Club GB
Porsche 356 Registry
"Post Office"
Post Office Vehicle Club


Ralt Owners' Club
Range Rover
Ranger Rover Register
Reliant Owners' Club
Reliant Archives
Reliant Kitten Register
ScimWeb: ReliantScabre and Scimitar Owners' Club
Reliant Scimitar GT Coupe
Three Wheelers
Rear Engined Renault Club
Renault Owners' Club
Renault Performance Car Club
Renault GT 5 Owners' Club
Renault Turbo Owners' Club

Club Alpine Renault, Great Britain

Riley Register
Riley Motor Club Ltd.
Riley RM Club
Scottish Riley Enthusiasts
Ulster Riley Club
Rolls-Royce Owners' Club
Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club
Rootes (see Hillman)
Association of Rootes Car Clubs
Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts
Rover (not incl. Land Rover)
Association of Rover Clubs
Rover P4 Site
Rover P5 Owners' Club
Rover P6 Drivers' Club
Rover SD1 Club (Official)
Rover SD1 Mania Group
The World of the Rover SD1
Rover Sports Register
Maestro Owners' Club
Rover V8 Engine Site

Saab Owners' Club GB
Saab Midland Automobile Club
Saab Enthusiasts' Club
Scamp Owners' Club
Ibiza Owners Club
SEATCupra Net
SEAT Drivers' Club
SEAT Owners' Club
Scottish Cupra Sport Owners' Club (site off-line?)
Club SEAT Enthusiasts
Association of Singer Car Owners'
Singer Owners' Club Ltd.

Skoda Owners' Club of GB

Standard Motor Club
Standard and Triumph Association
Spartan Owners' Club
Subaru Impreza Drivers' Club
Sunbeam Alpine Owners' Club
Sunbeam Lotus Owners' Club
Sunbeam Rapier Owners' Club
Sunbeam Rapier Owners' Club
Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register Ltd.
Sunbeam Tigers Owners' Club
Sunbeam Racing
Suzuki Owners' Club
Suzuki Cappuccino Owners Register for Enthusiasts' (off-line)
Extreme  Suzuki 4x4 Club
Suzuki Rhino Club
Suzuki Swift Club
Suzuki SC100 Enthusiasts Club
South West England Rhino Club
Surrey Suzuki Society
Zuks un Ltd & Club Zulu
Sylva Register (Surrey Group)
Sylva Sportscar Register

Talbot (see Sunbeamalso)
Talbot Sunbeam Racing

Toyota GT-4 Owners' Club

UK MR2 Drivers Club

MR2 Mk.1 Club Online
International MR2 Owners' Club
Mk.3 Supra Owners' Club (off-line)
UK Supras Group
Toyota Owners' Club
UK Trabant Owners' Club
Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK
UK Wartburg & Trabant Links
Club Triumph
Triumph Club, North East
Triumph Dolomite Information SIte
Triumph Dolomite Owners' Club
Triumph Dolomite Club
Triumph 2000/PI mk.2
Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Club Directory
Triumph 2000 / 2500 / 2.5 Register
Triumph 2000 / 2500 / 2.5 Register Of New Zealand
Triumph Spitfire Club (Netherlands)
Triumph Sports Six Club
Triumph Stag Owners' Club
Triumph Stag Enthusiasts'
Triumph Stag Register
Triumph TR Car Club
TR Register
TR Register
TVR Car Club U.K. Ltd.
TVR Griffith Club

Ultima Owners' Club and Register


Vanden Plas
Vanden Plas Owners' Club
Vauxhall (seeOpel)
Autobahnstormers Club
Droop Snoot Group
Vauxhall Cavalier mk.2 Owners' Network
Vauxhall Convertible Car Club
Viva Outlaw Club
Vauxhall Frontera Owners' Group
Vauxhall Owners' Club
Vauxhall Performance Car Club
VPCC - East Anglia
VPCC - Scotland
Vauxhall Vectra Enthusiasts Club
Vauxhall Victor Owners' Club
Vauxhall Viva Owners' Club
Performance Nova Group
MIG Performance Vauxhalls
Vectra Sport
Vectra Enthusiasts' ClubNew
Vauxhall Sports Car Club
Association of British VW Clubs
Bug Club
VW Corrado Club of Great Britain
VW Polo Register
Club GTi (Official Site)
Golf Mark 1 Owners' ClubNew
Club Scirocco (UK) (Official site)
Scirocco Register On-line
Karmann Ghia Owners Club (GB)
Cornwall Volkswagen Owners' Club
Herts VW Club
London and Thames Valley  VW Owners' Club
Lothians Volkswagen Club
Malvern Volkswagen Owners' Club (off-line)
Oxfordshire VW Owners' Club
Roundabout VW Club
VW Owners' Club GB
Volkswagen Drag Racing Club
VR6 Owners' Club
Wizard Roadsters Owners' Club
World of Volkswagens
Volvo Owners' Club

Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK
UK Wartburg & Trabant Links
Peerless and Warwick Site
Westfield Sports Car Club
Black Country Area Westfield Sports Car Club
Hants and Wilts Westfield Sports Car Club
Wizard (See VW)
Wizard Owners Club
Wolseley Register North East Group

Wolseley Register

Wolseley Hornet Special Club (Official)
Wolseley Hornet Special Club (Unofficial)
Wolseley 6/80 and Morris Oxford Club



Datsun Z Clubs

Non-Marque Specific Car Clubs
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
200 Plus (bhp) Club
Aberdeen Sports and Classic Car Club
Association of Classic and Historic Motor Sport Clubs
Association of Old Vehicle Clubs, Northern Ireland
Battery Vehicle Society
Borders Vintage Automobile Club
Charity Classic Vehicle Club
Chester Vintage Enthusiasts Club
Chesterfield 123 Preservation Group
Classic Sports and Performance Car Club
Classic Sports Car Club
Club RWD
Crash Box & Classic Car Club
Craven Old Wheels Society (COWS)
Dales Historic Vehicle Club
Hare & Hounds Classic Vehicle Club
Italian InterMarque Association
Jap Torque Club
Manchester Vintage Car Club
National Street Van Association
Newbury Car Club
Post-War Thoroughbred Car Club
Preston and District Vintage Car Club
Shropshire Classics Club
South East Vintage and Classic Vehicle Club
Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society
Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society
Sussex Modified Car Club
Teeside Yesteryear Motor Club
Thame and District Classic Motor Club
Ulster Vintage Car Club
Wessex Vehicle Preservation Club
Wirral Classic Car Club

UK American Car Clubs
American Automobile Club
Association of American Car Clubs
Cougar Club of America
Mustang Clubs
Worcester Wanderers American & Custom Auto Club

Morgan's Rally DiaryRecommended

UK Car and Motor Museums

Other Lists of UK Car Clubs

The Internet Magazine for the Classic Car Enthusiast

British Car Clubs and Registers (dated)
Classic Car Owners and Enthusiasts Clubs
Classic Motor Monthly Clubs Listing
Classic Driver: The European Car Webzine
Classic Car Data
Classic British Quality Charter
Old Glory Vehicle Restoration Today (off-line?)

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