The Formula Renault Racing Car

Formula Renault is a 'wings and slicks' formula where each competitor uses equipment to a specification that is controlled by Renault. The chassis are of a steel tube spaceframe construction clad in fibreglass panels. No "exotic" materials, such as carbon fibre composites or Titanium alloys, are allowed.

The majority of manufacturers use unequal length wishbones front and rear with inboard spring/damper units operated by pushrods.

Front Suspension Layout
Monoshock front suspension on Van Diemen RF96

The Monoshock front unit is used by many current manufacturers, being light and compact in an area where space is at a premium. However, some manufacturers are looking at twin damper/coil spring arrangements in order to provide greater damping control and adjustment.

Rear Suspension Layout
Rear suspension on Van Diemen RF96
Note anti-roll bar arrangement

Renault provide the dashboard, fire extinguisher system, seat beslts, steering wheel and many other basic components as part of the standard "kit" which each manufacturer must use in their car. The dimensions of the car and, in particular, the aerodynamic components such as the wings and under-tray are strictly controlled.

Formula Renault Cockpit
Cockpit of the Van Diemen RF96
Note tubular chassis construction and digital dashboard
Chequered Line

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