William Hunt, 2016 SBD BARC Champion
Justin Andrews, 2015 SBD BARC Champion
2013 Champion Chris Berrisford
2012 Champion Clive Wooster
2011 Champion Derek Jones
2010 Champion Stuart Wood
2009 Champion Geoff Kershaw

Catering for every kind of vehicle from standard production to single seater racing cars, the SBD Speed Championship offers 19 rounds at some of the best circuit, sprint and hillclimb venues in the country.

The Championship scoring ensures that everyone has a shot at the overall award (the amazing Wilkinson Sword) & is based on established class records providing points opportunities for every type of car- it's been won by Production cars more than once- and the combination of disciplines and locations means you can plan your season according to your budget. Indeed, many entrants have tried the championship in completely standard road cars and found themselves competitive in class - a cost -effective way of entering motorsport.

The awards are generous. The Overall Winner receives the unique Wilkinson Sword (with the names of many speed luminaries already on it) plus £200. The runner up £75 and a Trophy, along with trophies for class winners. Rallye Communications Ltd runs a Top Six Challenge with a trophy and £75 for the winner with trophy and £25 to the runner up. For Production and Roadgoing classes, Emerald offer the winner a Days Rolling road and use of their set up facilities. Also there is The Down to Earth Ladies Award, the winner receiving a trophy and £100 with a runner up prize of trophy and £25. Two new trophies, which have been introduced for 2015 The Insite Graphics Challenge Trophy with a £100 prize and trophy for 1st place, and £75 for 2nd place and £50 for 3rd place and The Raymond Good FTD handicap Trophy with a £100 prize and trophy for 1st place, and £75 for 2nd place and £50 for 3rd place. Please see the Championship Regulations for full details of the trophies.

Over the past years, the championship has been won by:-

2016 Will Hunt Ford Sierra
2015 Justin Andrews Subaru Impreza
2014 Matt Carter Radical PR6
2013 Chris Berrisford Subaru Impreza
2012 Clive Wooster Radical SR4
2011 Derek Jones BMW M Coupe
2010 Stuart Wood Westfield SEi
2009 Geoff Kershaw Ford Sierra Turbo
2008 Dick Hulbert Westfield
2007 David Watson Radical SR4
2006 Mike Edwards Mini

We would like to include some pictures of both present entrants & past winners, so if you would like you & your car to be shown on the site, please email Kim on with some pictures & info stating it's for this site & she'll be happy to include you.

Read Clive Wooster's reports from the 2017 championship.

The 2017 Championship Regulations, event regulations and entry forms are available here.

The 2017 calender is here.

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The Championship points table after Round 23, Curborough, is available here

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The system is based entirely on your time measured against the championship class record. So, assuming you were 0.25 seconds slower than the class record, you would score 19.75 points. If you were 5.00 seconds slower, you would score 15 points and so on down to a minimum of 5 points. BUT - IF you beat the class record by 0.21 then you score 20.21 points. I hope this will overcome the ongoing lottery of how many people compete in your class - it won't matter in 2013. All you have to do is go faster - and that is what speed events are all about!

Roy Dowding

Why not you this year?

Like to give it a try, here's how one competitor Roy Dowding started in his Nissan Micra 1.3.